Welcome to Pearl & Pebbles Global
Pearl and Pebbles Global is a unique Real Estate Development and Construction Finishing Company in Nigeria, highly distinguished by its excellent wall and floor effects delivered to its esteemed customers. We pride ourselves in our passion for unique designs and creating excellently finished masterpieces. Our aim is to refine the parts given to us according to the highest quality standards and individual customer demands.


Flooring design according to your taste
We stylishly impute creativity into every flooring design. Using the capabilities of up-to-date technology, our professionals in their field can uniquely develop floors of stunning beauty from carved marble and precious wood. Ornate curls of lace patterns fit harmoniously into the luxurious interiors, delicately picking up motifs of walls and ceilings décor. Flooring design makes the internal and external floor luxurious and expressively beautiful.

Why choose our flooring design services?
We have a team of highly professional and creative specialists
We use exceptional high quality materials, in compliance with latest standard
Timely completion and delivery of projects
With the latest technology, we take into consideration the habits and lifestyle of our clients, to create their ideal masterpiece.
Reasonable project prices.
At Pearl & Pebbles Global, we have great collection of excellently finished projects in Nigeria. For your exquisite designs, contact us today.

best projects

Quick interventions without demolition.
Thanks to PPG Solutions, it is possible to obtain a new precious cementitious surface, in a fast, clean way, without the hassles, noises and cost of demolition. The intervention takes place in reduced time, without creating too much dirt and dust. The floors are particularly suitable for floor heating: Thanks to the reduced thickness, they even improve the thermal performance.

No change in floor profile required

Choosing PPG Solutions to renew surfaces save time and money. By using a minimal thickness of material there is no need to alter doors, doors frame and skirting.

Pearl and Pebbles Global is a blue-chip company with its focus on renovations and designs. We are a 7-Star Indigenous, Construction and Finishing Company dedicated to delivering signature master pieces that create eccentric customer delight. We are the ship that sails from the normal to more than normal with our clients on board enjoying the smooth sail. Our vision is to become Nigeria’s first export of blue-print, construction, finishing and renovation services to the World after becoming Nigeria’s top providers of our excellent service.

Pearl and Pebbles Global solutions allow you to obtain a unique, attractive, valuable finish which can only be provided by true artisan craftsmen and quality materials. Each project is produced by a team of designers, manufacturers and craftsmen with one objective, a unique thing of beauty, unrepeatable, durable and with minimal maintenance requirements. Something that is to be admired, touched and experienced.

Pearl and Pebbles Global for internal renovations. Shape and create the environment you desire; choose amongst a wide selection of colours and effects to obtain a custom-made floor or coat.

Our solutions are extremely customizable according to your needs. Renovate in a unique way your kitchen, bathroom shop, stairs and much more!

We specialize in a widely variety of decorative concrete services. We use only industry leading products and techniques to create the ultimate flooring solutions for your projects.

Our concrete artisans have over 10years of experience installing polished concrete, stained concrete, concrete dyes, stamped concrete, Epoxy flooring, Epoxy chip, Metallic Epoxy, Epoxy Quarts, Polyaspartic, Polyurethane, and much more.